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history’s final chapter will be written in jerusalem

Chris Mitchell’s firsthand experiences and reporting uniquely qualify him to expound on and explain the major trends and developments sweeping the Middle East and affecting the world. With an eye on the front page of the newspapers and the pages of the Bible, Mitchell provides the biblical perspective readers are so hungry for today.

Mitchell has served as the Bureau Chief for CBN News since August 2000, living and working in Jerusalem since that time and has worked for CBN since 1989. He holds an MA in communication from Regent University and a BA from the University of New Hampshire. He is married to his lovely wife Elizabeth and is the proud father of three children: Philip, Kathleen, and Grace.

How could such a tiny speck of land on the global map be of such strategic importance on today’s geopolitical landscape? Chris Mitchell answers that question in his book Dateline Jerusalem. Chris knows the land of Israel because he lives there and has walked the ground and studied the history, but most of all, he knows Bible prophecy. This is a fascinating book that captures the essence of diplomacy, economics, military strategy, and events yet to come. A great read! Well done, Chris.

General Jerry Boykin | Former commander Delta Force